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I usually copy my .vsp report file in my app Resource folder, but this implies that anyone that gets the app can open it and modify the reports/query... is there a way to protect it so no one can tweak ?

I tried to copy the file in the Xojo Navigator but then i'm not able to load it...

mProject = New VProject(myReport.vsp)) // Does not work

mProject = New VProject(GetFolderItem("myReport.vsp";)) // Works

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Beatrix Willius Ответ принят
Nobody except us developers opens up a bundle.

If you want to protect your vsp file you could add it to a Valentina file or encrypt it/add it to your Xojo project. Then you need to write it out to ApplicationSupport and access it from there.

I would guess that the constructor to VProject takes a folderitem and not a string.

You can ask for more details on the Xojo forum.



Beatrix Willius
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Ruslan Zasukhin Ответ принят
Hi Matteo,

few notes.

1) Right now query stored in the vsp is not used in your app. Each time you define SQL query in your app code. Right? But future we going provide way to use query stored in vsp as easy way to write sometimes less code.

2) To change reports somebody needs to have VS PRO ($199)

3) vsp in fact is a valentina DB, if to change extension to .vdb you must be able to see it as a regular db. I need to clarify, if we do allow encryption of .vsp when we working with it as a Valentina Project.
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