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This is in response to a post on the DIrector-L forum. Paradigma Software continues to support Valentina ADKs for Director, however we also have a once sidelined component for LiveCode and Xojo called Franklin 3D. Franklin 3D is a wrapped version of the Irrlict Engine. There was limited interest at the time it was first released but there could be a revived interest based on the needs of those porting over from Director.

What we'd like to do is determine you level of interest in this, and what you think this component would be worth to you. We do have to pay for maintaining this plugin, and if there is enough interest, it could receive much more love. What is your level of interest?
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Rene Landscheidt Ответ принят

if you would update and refine the franklin 3d plugin - Into an official Xojo Plugin with support for all main Platforms (WIndows, Mac OS and Linux) - i think you would find more Users interested in using (and buying this plugin)
(I'm myself am One of these People)

Best Regards,

René Landscheidt
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