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Good day

I work with xojo web 2106 r1.1 and valentina 6.3 V4RB, I send a pdf report to preview, it works fine, when sending to print appears another window where you can choose the printer, it is possible to send the pdf to this last window and avoid the first window .

I use this code

Session.mPdf = new WebFile
Session.mPdf.MIMEType = "application/pdf"
Session.mPdf.Filename = "report.pdf"
Session.mPdf.ForceDownload = False
Session.mPdf.Data = mReport.PrintToBuffer( EVReportPrintType.kToPDF)
Session.ShowURL( Session.mPDF.URL, True )

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Sergey Pashkov Ответ принят
Hello Mauricio,

No, there is no cross-browser way to do it from pure Xojo code.
Printing from the browser (not only in Xojo applications) is very restricted, and restricted differently in different browsers.

There are some efforts to support it in the JavaScript:
But as you can see only Chrome and Safari supports printing of PDF.
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Mauricio Pulla Ответ принят
Hello Sergey.

Thanks for the reply

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