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  3. Пятница, Ноябрь 24 2017, 02:16 PM
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Good Day

I have a production server with ubuntu server 14.04 with server Valentina Report 6.3 with several projects, for any eventuality I need to have a copy of reports to another server with ubuntu server 16.04.

What is the correct way to do this?

Thank you
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Sergey Pashkov Ответ принят
Hello Mauricio,

The safest 2 ways:

1) stop the server, copy files, start the server:
sudo service vserver stop
sudo service vserver start

OR, not stopping VServer:

2) unregister project, copy files, register project
Unregister/register operations can be done in the Valentina Studio
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Mauricio Pulla Ответ принят
Thanks Sergey.

I am going to try, and then I comment

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