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I'd like to be able to show preview of a report on PureBasic's CanvasGadget() in the same way you can with Xojo on a Canvas and I'm pondering how that can be achieved.

PureBasic has a CatchImage(imageID,*buffer,size) command that enables you to grab an image from a memory address. It supports catching images in the following formats:

Is it possible for Valentina to put a specified page from a report into a buffer in one of these formats so PureBasic can grab it?
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Sergey Pashkov Ответ принят
Hello Steve,

No, currently, the Valentina C ADK doesn't have the Report_PrintToBuffer function.
So the only way is to use Report_PrintToDisk function to print one page as PNG to a temporary file and read it back.

Will it work?
We'll try to add Report_PrintToBuffer in one of the future releases.
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Steve Wilson Ответ принят
PureBasic has the LoadImage(imageID,Filename$) command so your suggestion should work but if you could consider including Report_PrintToBuffer in a future release that would be great.

Thanks, Sergey.
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