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We give out a lot of free serial numbers for Valentina Studio every day, and lately we've had our share of email accounts that use Bitbounce. What happens is that it sends an email to put you through a whitelist process and to 'pay' someone using bitcoin to send them email if they don't know you. What that does on our site is temporarily keep you from getting your serial emailer. This increases 'touch costs'.

I have read a lot of complaints about problems removing it from your gmail or outlook.com accounts. While it is new and clever, it kind of sucks for everyone.

Touch costs are additional processes that require human interaction. One of the reasons why so many Mac vendors didn't make it into the Apple Store (back when they were trying to get third party products) and the Mac App Store has irksome processes and requirements come down to touch costs. If a sale requires some human interaction or, the product itself has some tedious process - it has a touch cost for someone. Vertical market vendors often just have to 'suck it up' because of the requirements for their markets, but reseller platforms just won't do it because resellers are effectively 'firehose' sellers - their profitability is based on whatever blows through fast and easy through their hose.

So if you are using Bitbounce, don't use it on the account you use with us. Accounts that generate a Bitbounce response will get deactivated. If you accidentally Bitbounce us and get your account disabled, disable Bitbounce and then contact us via our Facebook page, Chatbot or telephone, and we will reactivate your account.
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