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It would save oodles of time if when I put my mouse over a foreign key, it looked up a column value in that foreign table for me.

For example, a table of orders below, I put my mouse over a cell in the person column and it displays the name of that person as a mouseover or other UI display.

Order_ID Person
1 1234567 // Mouse over me to display "Dave Smith"
2 1234568

Person_ID Name
1234567 Dave Smith
1234568 Luke Pal

Thanks for Valentina Studio! :D
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Sergey Pashkov Ответ принят
Hello Stephen,

There is similar functionality in the Pro version - Option/Alt+Click on the foreign key value opens the parent table.
But you don't need to change the table, just to get values of N first fields from the parent table. Right?
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