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With changes coming to Filemaker, now being spun off to renamed Claris, comes some changes in pricing.

Claris is transitioning away from a business model where it runs on servers owned and operated by companies that purchase the software outright a monthly subscription model of about $50 per person per month, Freitag said.

Maybe its time to move to one of the many professional front end tools Paradigma Software supports and Valentina Server. Or for that matter, use Valentina Studio Pro to build Valentina Forms and then deploy via the free Valentina Studio on macOS, Windows and Linux.
  1. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/08/06/apple-filemaker-subsidiary-renamed-claris.html
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Lynn Fredricks Ответ принят
Apparently Claris is now going bananas as the CNBC published $50 per user per month, instead of $15 per user per month. In all fairness, we are letting you know. Still though, this is a move towards subscription pricing and, something they've already been doing. Price that out and its still enterprise pricing - but not quite Oracle ;)

If subscription model pricing isn't your thing, then you do have an alternative with Valentina Server and friends.
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