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  3. Понедельник, Сентябрь 14 2015, 08:05 PM
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Valentina Studio 5.8.8 does not show PostgreSQL types (column for types remain empty), it can show other objects as tables.
PgAdmin can using the same credentials.
I suspect it is a bug.
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Arthur Zubarev Ответ принят
Thank you Yuri, I deem it a major issue.

I have submitted a bug to the bug tracker
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Yuriy Velichko Ответ принят
Hello Arthur!

At this time Valentina Studio supports only enumerated types for PostgreSQL.
We have plans to support other kinds of user types in the nearest version (after 6.0).

Please create an appropriate request in the bug tracker:


And you can speed up and control implementation of this feature.
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