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The team would like to give you the heads up that we will be performing some significant maintenance on the valentina-db.com website. We aren't doing a redesign (yet). That's something we are looking to do in Q1 2021.

However, besides some minor updates we will also be moving our hosting to the United States. Once that happens, DNS propagation may take however long that it takes. Well, multiply that by X because we will be doing it in 12.2020, which seems to be a wildcard year for just about everything. Don't panic if you can't find us while that happens. We will be back.

With this in mind, the Paradigma Software USA phone number works and and we will be checking in on Facebook, Twitter and the like.

Once the move starts, we'll post a quick reply here and also over on FB and Twitter.

Quick Update: it appears our updating will happen from Wednesday, December 16. Likely it will take a full day, but it may take longer while the domain propagates again. We will not be able to process orders during the time the site is down or access records.
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The maintenance is almost completed. If you see any problems that you don't think were there before, please let us know.
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