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david pruebas Опубликовано в:

Hard to filter databases, tables and fields

First of all, I love Valentina Studio, I tried lots of software but no one like valentina, i'm very thankfull to Paradigma's work. But, I'm stucked at version 5.7.5 Yes, you get shocked because the current version is 10.0! I tried some new ve...
Toomas Kristin Опубликовано в:

Use .pgpass file as source of DB connections

Hi! Does Valentina Studio has any possibilities to list defined connections of PostgreSQL databases from .pgpass file? Basically it would be very valuable when I could keep configuration for all database connections in one place and just set the t...
Tom Carr Опубликовано в:

Hide related tables

Every single time I open a table that has foreign keys, the related tables open up as well. Even after hiding it, it pops again every tiem. I don't think it should be enabled by default: * It takes up half of the screen real-estate * The title ...
Stephen Dodd Опубликовано в:

Feature Request: Foreign key value lookup on mouseover

It would save oodles of time if when I put my mouse over a foreign key, it looked up a column value in that foreign table for me. For example, a table of orders below, I put my mouse over a cell in the person column and it displays the name of tha...
B M Опубликовано в:

Studio Pro feature request

This is a feature request and I am not sure how difficult or not it would be easy to implement (although I cannot imagine too difficult). As I spend more and more time with Studio Pro in my day-to-day database admin and management tasks, one feature...
Tim Crouse Опубликовано в:

Creating Primary Keys

Can someone add clarification as to why creating primary keys has a separate design tab? Is it to allow an easy way to create multi-column keys? Is there a way to indicate a single filed is a primary key when you create the filed or is only acc...
Michael Overmeyer Опубликовано в:

Mouse3 should close query results tabs

I have a minor feature request. I would like to have Mouse Wheel Button (Mouse3) close the query results tabs. Right now, you have to click (Mouse1) the little 'x' button. If you have been making many tabs to close, as you begin to close them, t...
Scott Опубликовано в:

A sincere thank you - Multiple page orientation in VReports

I just had to take a minute and express my thanks to the developer team. A few weeks ago I asked if it would be possible to change page orientation on the fly in my reports and I was amazed they listened to my request and in no time at all the releas...
Sid Price Опубликовано в:

Feature suggestion or bug?

I am not sure if what I see is intended or not. Supposed you have a table in a database that is also a part of a diagram. If one deletes fields in the column view and then switches to the diagram view the fields that were deleted remain, in an italic...
Thimo Kraemer Опубликовано в:

Apply filter automatically

Hello, thank you for this great application. It is the first database manager I have seen that offers a straight forward filter implemented as just an extra row on the top of the table. Always was looking for this... But you have to apply the f...
Arthur Zubarev Опубликовано в:

Unable to see Types in PosgreSQL

Valentina Studio 5.8.8 does not show PostgreSQL types (column for types remain empty), it can show other objects as tables. PgAdmin can using the same credentials. I suspect it is a bug....
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