Valentina Database Core Features In Depth

Native Valentina databases, tables, fields, links and servers can be assigned properties and work with GET/SET/SHOW Commands.

Valentina DB: The Advanced Columnar Database

Valentina Database stores columns of tables as separate logical files inside of your database. Most relational SQL databases store a whole table in a single page-file.

Because Valentina DB is an advanced columnar database, complex queries can become 1,000 times faster than with traditional relational databases. If you port your existing database to Valentina, you can keep using the same conventions you used with your relational database and still notice performance improvements.

Valentina DB: The Object-Relational Database

The Valentina Data Model (VDM) extends the standard SQL Relational model you already know.

VDM treats relational tables as objects, adding Links between Objects, properties of objects and other object oriented conventions on both the SQL and advanced API levels.

Make the most of VDM development with these advantages:

More Readable Code
Your code can shrink significantly and objects makes your code easier to read and understand.
Performance Gains
Take advantage of properties of the advanced columnar database system by using native objects found in columnar or network databases

 The object-relational model is an internal feature of Valentina DB, but not a requirement of the API. Because of this, you can choose to code using procedural languages like C and still benefit from object-relational Valentina DB.