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Camila Vernalha Опубликовано в:

Help - SQL result as a scientific notation

Hello, I am using Valentina Studio to consult a SQL DB. When using a select function I have the result on scientific notation, as the image attached. How do I change this settings to see the number as it was saved on the DB, as a numeric ...
Crescenzio Gallo Опубликовано в:

VStudio SQL Editor Parameters not functioning

I have downloaded VStudioPro 8.6 and tried to use the new useful Parameters feature in the SQL Editor window. But unfortunately I always get from MySql a syntax error just around the parameter (see screenshot). My query looks like: SELECT * FROM t...
Miguel Rasero Опубликовано в:

Undock SQL Editor window

Hello, I am trying to find a good multi-platform alternative to the old good PgAdmin3 because I don't like the new web interface of PgAdmin4. I tried Valentina Studio and I like the interface and the features it has but I badly miss something a...
Chris Zakrewsky Опубликовано в:

SQL statement: "USE databasename" not working?

Hi, I am trying to understand how I am supposed to use the SQL statement: "USE database-name" in context of both VStudio and VServer. I am attaching three screen-shots to illustrate the problem: The first one shows the list of dat...
B M Опубликовано в:

SQL Editor formatting annoyances.....

Unless I missed it, will you add more advanced SQL Editor formatting capabilities beyond what you allow today? Besides a color scheme and a few check-boxes under "Editor" tab, there does not seem to be anything else to fine tune code forma...
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