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Ben Antwi Опубликовано в:

Generating dynamic python report using valentina Pro 12

Valentina is a great reporting tool but I'm still finding it difficult to search a record from sqlite database with python. Please I need help...
Petar Опубликовано в:

Parentheses around functions error

In SQLite field If I use default value as for example - DateTime('now') I need to put them in surrounding parentheses like: (DateTime('now')). After inserting, program showing value without them, so on every edit I need to surround value again with ...
Tomas Sykora Опубликовано в:

Version of SQLite library

Hello, are you planning to upgrade the SQLite library in Valentina Studio to one of the latest available versions? If so, when? Valentina Studio now uses the SQLite library version 3.31.1, which does not allow the use of SQL UPDATE-FROM syntax. This...
Fabrizio Опубликовано в:

Moving from SQLite to Valentina Server SQLite

I’m migrating my existing project in Xojo (2019 3.2) and my existing SQLite database (1 table, and 1 virtual table created with FTS5 to use full search) and some triggers to make stay in sync the 2 tables, in Valentina SQLiteServer. I’m now on my MB...
Fabrice Dejaigher Опубликовано в:

Existing SQLite database : Missing fields in tables with VS

I tried Valentina Studio Free (both on Mac and Linux), with an existing sqlite database but I have some problems with missing fields. For example : What is created and OK in other DB Tools : table1 idtable1 field1 field2 table2 idtab...
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