Обсуждения с облаком Valentina SQLite Server

Davide Morando Опубликовано в:

ODBC connection to Valentina Server 13 +SQLite db not working

Environment: - installed a licensed instance of Valentina Server (Windows pc, unmodified standard parameters) - put a SQLite db UTF16LE in the appropriate folder - installed Valentina Studio on Client1 (Windows): VStudio connects to VS...
F H Опубликовано в:

Connect to Sqlite DB Server with Python

I'm devolping a mall tool in python which uses several sqlitedatabases for storing the data. At the moment the tool ist importing regular during the night data into the database, so that I can use the data during the day. The Problem is, that my data...
F H Опубликовано в:

Problems with running SQLite DB Server on Raspi 4 (unable to open database file)

Hello, I'm devolping a mall tool in python which uses several sqlitedatabases for storing the data. At the moment the tool ist importing regular during the night data into the database, so that I can use the data during the day. The Problem is, th...
Fabrizio Опубликовано в:

SValentina for SQLite notifications

SValentina for SQLite has notifications ? Which is the best practice to update/notify a client when server database is updated (from another client) ? For example: I’ve a listbox with 10 records shown in it. User1 delete 1 element. User2 should ...
Lynn Fredricks Опубликовано в:

Valentina Release 9.3 Improves SQL Editor, ADKs and Server Query Speed

Paradigma Software announces Valentina Release 9.3 with improvements across all reporting, database and forms products. Valentina Studio / Studio Pro Valentina Studio is the free, all purpose database management and forms client tool. Valentina S...
Matthew A Renner Опубликовано в:

Connecting an SQLite database (.db) to Valentina Server

Hi, new here. I have an existing SQLite (.db) database that I want to use via Valentina Server. My objective is use Valentina Server so multiple threads can write and update to the SQLite database in question at the same time, thus overcoming concu...
David Richardson Опубликовано в:

SQLite Date related kernel errors

I am new to Valentina Server and am trying to execute some SQL for a SQLite database on the server. It seems that any SQL having to do with date functions is throwing kernel errors. For example: 08:28:55 Kernel error: 0x9050e. Error in function nam...
Kevin Yan Опубликовано в:

Number of AffectedRows on UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE using REST API

Hi, I am interested in using Valentina Server as a SQLite DB server with client access using REST API. I'm running VServer 7.1.3 and my client access is a Excel 2010 VBA program. HTTP calls are made using the MSXML2.XMLHTTP60 object from Microsoft...
Stephan Fellner Опубликовано в:

XOJO: Valentina SQLite Server Problems

I've tryed to adapt and run the Valentina SQLite Example based on the Xojo SQLite Example. It is hard. In client mode the database is not created (i think it's maybe about the path and the rights?), in local mode the query runs in an error. Summary: ...
Ruslan Zasukhin Опубликовано в:

Feedback? Valentina SQLite Server vs cubeSQL?

Hi Valentina Server users! Can we ask you to provide here any possible feedback on subject? - what you like / don't? - any feature request? - any compare by speed? I am asking of course about SQLite Server vs SQLite Server. It is clear t...
Jochen Peters Опубликовано в:

Use server on xojo ios and printing

I need to read data from xojo ios to a valentina server sqlite Can this is posible Yes or No...
Johnny Harris Опубликовано в:

List SQLite Databases

How do I retrieve a list of the SQLite databases that exist on VServer?...
Stefano Pascolini Опубликовано в:

I need to understand which tipe of license I should buy to enable my Xojo application

Hi, I'm working on my Xojo application. At the moment it is a single user app using a SQLite database. I wish to let users to choose from single user and multi user app so I'm very interested in the new SQLite Server built in Valentina 6 release. ...
Johnny Harris Опубликовано в:

VServer - VSQLite Commit Method Broke?

Sorry to bring up a new thread on the same subject. Has anyone been able to confirm whether or not there is a problem with the Commit() method of the Xojo VSQLiteDatabase component? Best Regards, Johnny Harris...
olive Опубликовано в:

Test: Valentina Server for SQLITE - With XOJO

Hi all, I do a test with Valentina Server for SQLITE (licence 5 connexions) and Xojo. It's a Web app. With a session, I run an import of one million lines. During this import, another session tries to import a single line. Of course, the...
Ruslan Zasukhin Опубликовано в:

[ANN] Valentina Release 6.2 is ready for use.

Hi Valentina Developers, 1) in release 6.2 we have improve work of our Valentina Report Server. The main task was make sure that we can setup by schedule events of Valentina Server, which can produce REPORTS from any datasource (vdb, mySQL, postgr...
Ruslan Zasukhin Опубликовано в:

[ANN] Valentina Studio 6.2 - Notification Channels for postgeSQL and Valentina Servers.

In Valentina Studio 6.2 we have add support of easy visual browsing and monitoring in live time of asynch Notifications Channels for postgreSQL and Valentina Servers. Read details on new WIKI page [img]http://bit.ly/1NfIS1n[/img]...
Forum Admin Опубликовано в:

Paradigma Software Releases Valentina Server 6

Valentina Server 6 generates richly formatted reports from all major data sources and also integrates both the advanced, columnar Valentina Database Server and a powerful SQLite Database Server. Valentina Server 6 includes a long list of improvements...
Ruslan Zasukhin Опубликовано в:

Simple Bench of Valentina SQLite Server vs cubeSQL. VServer is x3 times faster.

Hi Everybody, I have spend some time making simple Xojo project which do N inserts into a) local SQLite db using our copy in V4RB b) Valentina Sqlite Server c) cubeSQL - Sqlite Server I have made simplest Table T1 with 2 integer fields f1 a...
Johnny Harris Опубликовано в:

VServer 6 and Xojo Web Edition

Is the VSqliteDataBase working with Xojo Web Edition? When I try to add it to a project, I get this error: "Can't find a type with this name" I can add it to a desktop app with no problems. Regards, J. Harris...
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